Reno, Nevada. March 4, 2016. The Washoe County Community Services Department and Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) are working together on a sanitation tree removal program at Washoe County’s Regional Archery Facility on Matterhorn Dr. in Lemmon Valley. Staff from Washoe County Parks and NDF have used blue marking paint to identify stressed, dying, and dead trees for removal. Some healthy trees will also be removed. The trees will be removed to reduce tree competition in hopes of providing more available nutrients, water, and sunlight for the remaining trees. Juniper trees are the target of this removal. The goal is to ensure the long-term health of the forest.
NDF will begin cutting and chipping the trees on site in March until the trees are removed. Chipping on site will not only save time but also provide some much-needed erosion control. 
Funding for the project is from the NDF forest Health Program. This funding is from a United States Forest Service 2013 Western Bark Beetle Grant that the NDF administers.
For further information, please contact Gene Phillips at NDF at 775-849-2500, extension 241 or Andy Mink at Washoe County Community Services Department at 775-785-4512, extension 101.